Boat Dives

We offer 2 South Shore boat trips per day, 7 days a week.

All of the boat dives are guided tours led by our experienced and highly trained dive guides. We keep the groups small, maximum of seven certified divers per guide. If you don’t have a dive buddy we will pair you with the guide. We have high quality rental equipment from SCUBAPRO and dive computers for all certified divers diving from the boat. Our crew shoot video of each dive and it is shown once you return to the shop. We will debrief the dive when we get back to the store and you will have a chance to discuss everything that was seen on the dive and have a chance to ask your guide questions about the site, or any marine life.

The Morning Trip

Meets at 7:30am in our Poipu shop

This trip caters to the experienced diver. This doesn’t mean you have to be and “expert” diver, but you should be comfortable in the water and diving from a boat. Often times the AM charters will do drift dives and can get to depths of 80-100 feet and the second dive will be from 60-70 feet. We choose the dive sites based on water quality and customer preference but may include, Brennecke’s Ledge, Ice Box, Fastlanes, General Store, and Sheraton Caverns.

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The Afternoon Trip

Meets at 12:30pm in our Poipu shop

This trip is designed for the non-certified diver, rusty diver, or the new diver. The pace on this charter is a bit slower and the dive sites are more shallow. Both afternoon dives are in the 40-60 foot range. The groups are separated by experience so the certified divers will be in a group, the non certified divers will be in a group and each will have a separate dive guide.

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Ni’ihau and Lehua Rock

Ni’ihau trips are scheduled on Tuesdays and Fridays from late spring to early autumn. Go to the Ni’ihau page for a detailed description of this charter and look at some of the pictures.

Shore Dives

We Offer Shore Diving 7 Days a Week

Koloa Landing, also known as Whalers Cove, was voted one of the Best Shore Dives in the Pacific by Scuba Diving Magazine. This dive site is filled with interesting coral formations and just about every fish you will find on a Hawaii Fish chart. Hire one of our experienced dive guides to take you on a tour of the life that calls Koloa Landing home or stop by the Poipu shop to rent equipment and get a briefing on the dive site and go with your dive buddy to explore on your own.

First Time Dives

Seasport Divers participates in the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program. Sometimes called a resort class, this program allows Non-Certified divers to experience the thrill of the underwater world with an Instructor right there by your side. Participate in a short lesson and then perform the skills you learned with the gear on in shallow water. Swim around for a while and get comfortable and now your ready for the next step . . . the ocean!!

After you complete the short confined water lesson you can join us for a one or two-tank Shore Dive or a two-tank dive on the Afternoon Boat Trip. The maximum depth non-certified divers are allowed to dive is 40 feet and there are not more then 4 non-certified divers to 1 instructor.


Medical Questionnaire

There is a Medical Questionnaire that needs to be filled out and passed to participate in Scuba Activities. If participant fails the Medical Questionnaire, a doctor must give a written statement (faxes are OK) that Scuba activities are safe and allowed for this participant prior to going Scuba diving.

Please Download the Medical Questionnaire here (PDF):

Medical Questionnaire (PDF)

Download the Medical Release form here (PDF), and have it signed by your doctor:

Medical Release Form (PDF)

Dive Boats


Anela KaiHawaiian for Sea Angel, Anela Kai is the most luxurious and spacious Dive Boat on Kauai.

This custom fitted PRO48 is Coast Guard Certified for 42 passengers or 30 divers. However, keeping our guests comfort in mind, we limit it to only 18 divers for our South Shore trips and just 12 divers for the trips to the Forbidden Isle of Ni’ihau.

Fitted with 2 HOT WATER SHOWERS, a 10-person flying bridge,Anela Kai which is great for taking in the sights, 2 ladders for exiting the water, a camera table and rinse bucket dedicated for customers’ camera equipment. Anela Kai also sports a large covered cabin with a deck to get out of the sun or warm up after a dive. Round it all out with cold water, juice and snacks and you may never want to leave.


AnuheaThis Hawaiian made 32ft Power Cat was designed and built right here on Kauai specifically for these Hawaiian waters.

It is Coast Guard Certified for 18 divers, but we only allow 10 on this boat. Diving with Anuhea is like having your own private dive boat and crew. Complete with a fresh water shower, a nice wide ladder for easily exiting the water, and a covered cabin area to get out of the sun. We also provide cold water, juice and snacks.


Enriched Air – NITROX is any air mixture where the oxygen content is greater than the 21% we normally breath. The two most common mixtures are 32% and 36%, otherwise know as EANx32 and EANx36 respectively.

The principle reason for breathing Enriched Air – NITROX is to extend No Decompression Limit (NDL) bottom times. As divers, we are often required to return to the surface because of Nitrogen absorption. With Enriched Air NITROX we are inhaling less Nitrogen and, therefore, absorbing less Nitrogen and our NDL bottom time increases. For example, on a dive to 50 feet the air NDL is 80 minutes. That same dive with EANx32 increases our NDL to 155 minutes and with EANx36 it increases to 220 minutes. Pretty dramatic difference!

Enriched Air – NITROX can also help in other ways, since Nitrogen absorption is responsible for Decompression Sickness (DCS or “Bends”), if you absorb less Nitrogen, you can reduce the amount that’s in your system and, therefore, reduce the chance of suffering from DCS. You still need to come up slowly from every dive and follow all the other Golden Rules of diving. You can also reduce surface interval times using Enriched Air – NITROX. If you’ve inhaled less Nitrogen then you need less time to off-gas Nitrogen on the surface. Another side benefit to Enriched Air – NITROX is the reduction of that Nitrogen Nap feeling which is common after diving with air.

It all sounds good, but there must be a downside… right?

With Nitrogen TIME is a limiting factor, but with Oxygen DEPTH is the limiting factor. The maximum depth limit for air is 218 feet, with EANx32 it’s 111 feet and EANx36 it’s 95 feet. When you consider that most of the diving we do as recreational divers is in the 30 to 100 foot range anyway, it’s not much of a limiting factor. But the consequences of going too deep is Oxygen Toxicity, which is very serious and can result in seizures and drowning.

However, all you have to do is:

  • Receive the proper training.
  • Dive responsibly.
  • Observe the depth limit for that mixture.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to be Enriched Air - NITROX certified to dive NITROX?
No. Seasport Divers participates in the PADI Introduction to Basic NITROX program. You are required to be a certified diver, be at least 15 years old, complete a medical questionnaire and dive with a Nitrox Instructor. You will learn the NITROX basics; the maximum depth limit for the mixture you are breathing, how to read and operate a NITROX computer and how to analyze the mixture you are going to use. The instruction can be done at the shop before you go diving or on the boat during the short trip to the first dive site.
Can I get Enriched Air - NITROX certified?
Yes. Seasport Divers offer’s PADI Enriched Air – Nitrox certifications and can be done in a short day.
Do I need a special regulator?
If you are diving with Oxygen content less then 40% and your regulator is kept well maintained, you can use your normal regulator. Anything over 40% requires special gear.
How about my BCD and low-pressure inflator?
The same as your regulator, if you are diving with Oxygen content less then 40% and your BCD is kept well maintained, you can use it with no problems. Anything over 40% requires special gear.
Can I dive deeper with Enriched Air Nitrox?
No. There are a lot of people that think Enriched Air – NITROX allows you to dive deeper. The opposite is true; Enriched Air actually has DEPTH LIMITS to keep you safe from suffering OXYGEN TOXIXITY. In a Enriched Air – NITROX class you will learn how to calculate the maximum depth limits for any Enriched Air mixture.
Will Enriched Air - NITROX increase my bottom time?
Yes and No. It will not make a tank last longer, if you suck down an air tank you will suck down a NITROX tank too. But it will lengthen your No Decompression Limits and allow you to stay down longer, air allowing of course.
Can I still get the bends with Enriched Air - NITROX?
Yes, but since you absorb less Nitrogen and that’s the main cause of the bends, Enriched Air decreases the possibility of that happening. You still need to come up slowly from every dive and follow all the other Golden Rules of diving.
Does Enriched Air Nitrox eliminate Nitrogen Narcosis?
There is no definitive answer on that one. More study is required to determine if that is true or not.